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Facts and Figures

Client – Dovehaven Care Group

Solar Photovoltaics / Cascaded Air Source Heat Pumps

Solar System Size – 1.1 MWp

ASHP System Size – 80 KWp

Generation Per Annum – 1,250 MWh

Expected Payback Period – 4 Years

Solar Carbon Savings – 5,043 Tonnes over 20 Years

ASHP Carbon Savings – 413 Tonnes over 20 Years

Dovehaven Care Homes have been providing quality residential and nursing care for the elderly for over 30 years.
The group currently owns 11 care homes across the Southport area, 4 across Liverpool and 4 in Lancashire.
Providing a warm, comfortable environment for their residents is of primary importance, but this does come at a cost. Dovehaven’s total annual energy cost is a significant contributor to its overall cost base.


Dovehaven Care Homes appointed Energy Gain UK to implement a programme of energy reduction for them in the autumn of 2015.
Initially, Dovehaven had Energy Gain UK install renewable energy systems across 16 of the group’s homes and 4 homes have also had Biomass systems installed in 2015.

Since then, based on the cost savings achieved from the initial project, the group have rolled out the project to cover all 19 of their care homes and their head office.


Energy Reduction Of Up To 30%

Not only will the project result in Dovehaven slashing their energy costs by up to 30%, in addition to this they will receive a feed-in tariff from the government and an export tariff from any unused electricity, giving them an additional income stream.
The installations will also significantly reduce their CO2 emissions which will not only help to protect the environment but will put them in a favourable position once the upcoming carbon tax is introduced.
All in all Dovehaven Care homes are well on the way to achieving their goals of keeping their residents warm and comfortable while ensuring their costs are minimised so that the fees can remain competitive. to contact us now to find out what your return on investment for an energy reduction programme would be.

To whom It may concern, 

After meeting with a number of renewable companies, the Dovehaven Care Group decided upon choosing Energy Gain UK Ltd as their preferred supplier as we were very Impressed with the professionalism and detail provided by Energy Gain UK, particularly the return figures that have proven to be even better than the figures quoted on their documentation, 

The lnstallatlon works and after sales has been really Impressive and we would be happy to recommend Energy Gain UK Ltd. 

Total number of Installations by Energy Gain UK Ltd: 18 Sites

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