colchester borough homes

Facts and Figures

EPC Contract

2,500 number of properties in the portfolio analysed

850 systems were identifiable as fit for purpose.

Average installation rate 30-40 per week.

850 solar photovoltaic systems installed

2.7 MWp of solar photovoltaics Installed

2,312,000 KWh will be generated by the solar systems each year

1,144,440 Kg Co2 Saved each year

All systems monitored and accessible by all parties.

Part of the local business community since 2003, they are an award-winning company providing management and maintenance services to around 7,000 residential, commercial and public buildings in the local area, including Colchester Castle and Colchester Town Hall. We offer services to the private, public and non-profit sectors.

solar (4)

vygon UK

503kWp Solar Photovoltaics
mi vehicle integration case study

Mi Vehicle Integration


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Camster Herbs

260 KWp Solar Photovoltaics