Solar Panels For Housing Association

Solar Panels For Housing Association
 Project Synopsis
Colchester Borough Homes were looking to install Solar Photovoltaics on 2,500 properties:

  • Reduce their CO2 emissions
  • Increase the value of their housing stock
  • Provide benefits to their tenants in the form of free power (average 50% of current usage)
  • Enhance their Corporate Social Responsibility
  • The materials & installation must be provided free of charge
  • CBH would provide TLO/legal assistance only

The Role of Energy Gain UK

  • EGUK sourced the funder and worked with CBH to arrange all legal docs, making the process as simple as possible for the housing association.
  • As main contractor EGUK managed the process and was the central point for all: communications, data collection and reporting.

The Stakeholders
solar panels for social housing
Solar Panels For Housing Association – The Process

  • Data Management – A purpose built database was designed to manage all data and progress for each site.
  • Desktop Survey –An initial desktop research exercise was conducted to identify which properties would be most likely to be suitable.
  • Physical Survey –Surveyors were sent to properties identified as being suitable to carry out property surveys
  • Design –We design all systems including insurance policies for FIT to protect all parties.
  • Liaison with Legal Teams –Ensuring the correct procedures were followed with regard to leases and deed of variation.
  • Materials –these were sourced to meet the yield requirements of the funder. 
  • Project Planning –this involved ensuring that timescales were met whilst ensuring the needs of tenants were taken into account.
  • Installation– this involved ensuring timescales and quality requirements were met.
  • Handover/Commissioning –once the installation is complete the systems are checked and commissioned and handover packs issued.
  • Feed In Tariff Registration –all relevant certification is supplied to ensure the FIT payments can be claimed.
  • Online Monitoring and Reporting –Energy Gain UK continue to monitor each system to ensure that optimum generation levels are maintained and reported to the fund and housing association.

Solar Panels For Housing Association – Project Delivery

  • 2,500 number of properties in project.
  • Following viability checks 850 systems were identifiable as fit for purpose.
  • Average installation rate 20-30 per week.
  • EGUK manage all data, 25 docs per site.
  • 500 of 850 complete.
  • CO2 targets hit.
  • All systems monitored and accessible by all parties.

Solar Panels For Housing Association – Unforeseen Difficulties

  • Property Data Management – A Solar Photovoltaic project of this nature requires absolute control and clarity of exactly where each property sits within the process at any given time. Our database allows each stakeholder to log in and complete their independent work queues.

Solar energy for social housing

  • Stakeholder Management – The management of all parties is crucial. Acting as the main contractor it is imperative we understand each individual role and manage the process from conception to delivery.


  • Carbon & Generation Reporting – being able to view all system performance remotely is pivotal for all parties. If the system stops working or generation is less than expected, we receive an alarm and can investigate the matter with minimal tenant hassle.

solar panels for social housing