Smart energy management helps your business

In today’s competitive business world, it makes sense to reduce costs any way you can. Do your bottom line a favour by taking stock of your energy management and energy use.
An inventory of your current power consumption is likely to reveal a number of opportunities to cut your kilowatts without compromising your operations. At the same time, you’ll be helping to reduce both your running costs and your CO2 emissions.
Did you know that a 20% cut in energy costs for many businesses can represent the same bottom line benefit as a 5% increase in sales.
Furthermore 25% of energy consumption can be saved with relatively little or no cost and no significant changes in practice.
Not sure where to begin? The Energy Gain Guide To Energy Management helps you identify measures where energy and cost savings can be easily made with little or no cost to your business. Our free guide highlights where your business is probably losing money on a daily basis, including in the following areas:
Heating costs rise by about 8% for every 1°C of overheating
Heating is a key area to target with energy saving measures. Many businesses are overheated which not only wastes money it can cause discomfort and reduce productivity.
Lighting in a typical office costs about £3/m2 annually, but in the most efficient office this cost can be reduced to about £1/m2
Office Equipment
On average, 20% of the total energy bill in commercial offices is accounted for by office equipment – about half of this use stems from PCs and monitors
A few simple energy management steps can help you reduce your consumption in this area by up to 75%!
Free Energy Management Audit
If you would like to book a free energy management audit, where we will visit your premises and review each of the above areas, producing you a free report outlining some simple, cost effective measures you can implement in order to significantly reduce your energy savings then simply click here  to contact us or give us a call on 0161 330 7739