Consume More Of Your Solar With Battery Storage

Energy Gain Uk can now offer a range of battery storage systems to complement solar power systems.
A home battery storage system turns your home’s solar panels into an all day resource – increasing self-consumption of solar – while also offering emergency backup in the event of an outage. A battery storage system enables more of your home’s electricity to come from solar, enhancing solar functionality, and reducing energy costs.
When solar panels produce more power than a home needs, the excess solar is sent back to the grid. Our battery storage systems enables a homeowner to capture and store excess solar energy produced during the day for use at night. The result is greater self-consumption of solar generation and reduced energy costs.
When installed along with solar panels, a battery storage system will allow your home to use solar generated electricity during a utility outage.
We currently have two options:
Tesla Powerwall
Tesla Power wall Battery Storage Front View
Key Features:
Wall mounted sleek design
Indoor and outdoor rated
Unparalleled battery experience
Scalable architecture

Solax battery storage
The X-Hybrid solar battery storage system works by storing surplus energy in LG Chem batteries for later use.
Key Features:
6.4kWh Storage
Peak power 5kw ( 25°)
Expansion Pack Available
Warranty (10 Year Hybrid / 5 Year Batteries)
No Cabinet Required
Easy ‘Plug & Play’ Installation