Manufacturing sector opts for solar PV

The manufacturing sector is starting to wake up to the need to protect against rising energy prices and the negative impact they will have on their business in the future.
A recent survey carried out by multinational GE revealed “high levels of concern” over the current and future UK energy supply.   Two thirds of the 400 senior executives reported the lack of clarity on energy policy has “detrimental” effects on their business.
An overwhelming majority of survey respondents (84%) said they were concerned with the overall future affordability of energy within the UK.  61% expressed concern over the future security of energy supply in the UK.
As a direct result of these concerns 49% are considering investing in on-roof or on-site renewable energy generation or energy efficient technologies.  61% of the respondents said they were considering installing Solar PV.
As a result Energy Gain UK has launched a unique finance package to support the manufacturing sector.  We understand the needs of this sector following large installs for HPP and GM Precision to name a few.  If you require more information or would like a free survey, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Craig Jones BSc (Hons) MSc Technical Director
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