We are now a carbon neutral company.

As we now enter a critical decade for climate action, we believe it is vital that companies develop mitigation pathways compatible with the 1.5⁰C curve required by the Paris Agreement. The world is in a race to net-zero emissions and we believe the sooner the action, the more pertinent it is to the current climate change crisis.

Here at Energy Gain UK, our carbon reduction strategy has been focused on the implementation of energy efficiency measures and renewable generation to reduce our Scope 2 emissions to a minimum. We have carefully measured our carbon footprint to understand our main emission sources and continue to target our efforts to make further reductions.

Using voluntary offsets, we have now achieved zero emissions across our operations for the year 2020.

To demonstrate our position of carbon neutrality, we report our methods under the framework of PAS 2060:2014.

PAS 2060 is an internationally recognised specification developed by the British Standards Institute (BSI) along with a steering group consisting of the major players in the sustainability sector. The specification defines a credible way to substantiate claims of carbon neutrality, maintaining integrity and transparency.