EGUK are specialists in the design, supply, execution and maintenance of the latest renewable generation systems in the market. Our transparent project development and funding services along with rapid project implementation put us at the forefront of the energy sector.

Over the last past decade, we have developed a strong client base across a variety of sectors and grown our business steadily without compromising our commitment to high standards of performance.

we're working to help your business be kinder to the environment

Roof/ Ground Mounted Solar Photovoltaic Installations

Solar photovoltaics are an investment in the future. Optimise your unused roof space to generate the energy required to support your business, reduce overheads and shrink your carbon footprint.

With over 12-years of experience in solar photovoltaics, we specialise in design, supply, installation, monitoring and maintenance.  By assessing your energy consumption profile, we can provide an enhanced system design with a high generation potential. We ensure that all projects are delivered with minimal disruption and, with our expertise in project management, we take care of grid connection requests and planning applications.

As your business grows, it is likely that your demand for energy will increase. In the current climate, stakeholders urge environmental transparency, making carbon footprints a major focal point in many business strategies. Solar photovoltaics provide the ideal solution, supplementing your sustainable development strategy and boosting your CSR credentials. 

Our team has extensive experience across many different industries, including construction, manufacturing, public-sector, healthcare and education.

Take a look at our projects to see how we have helped other businesses implement green generation in their future. 

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solar car ports

Visibly promote your sustainability credentials.

A commercial solar carport acts as a multipurpose structure, providing shelter for cars and generating clean energy to power your building or provide on-site charging for EVs. Solar car ports can be used in combination with rooftop solar and allow organisations to capitalise on extra solar coverage, especially where roof space is limited.

Battery Storage

We deliver optimised battery solutions allowing organisations to have greater control over their usage. This means that they can operate independently from the grid and store and discharge electricity when required. 

Battery storage can be integrated with our commercial solar panels to elevate energy savings and improving sustainability by reducing reliance on the ‘brown’ energy bought from the grid. 

Here is how energy storage can benefit your business:

  • Energy independence
  • Emergency backup power
  • Generated revenue by offering grid services
  • Load shifting & peak shaving (demand side response)

Agile Demand Side Response

With the implementation of Demand-Side Response (DSR) in your energy management policy, your business has the potential to earn additional revenue by helping the National Grid maintain the balance of supply and demand on the network, something crucial for its operation. The earning potential for this is substantial, and often, no capital expenditure is required.


To enable your company to participate in DSR services, we will help you establish a systematic approach to managing and distributing peak demands, minimising disruption to typical operations. We offer various response and reserve services, accommodating the different levels of flexibility and response time capabilities our clients have.

EV Charging

Driving a future in low-carbon technologies.

Under the UK Government’s Green Plan, it is certain that the UK is accelerating the shift to zero-emission vehicles. We provide our clients with high-quality EV-ports that are designed to be future-proof, ensuring functionality, adaptability, and ease of use. EV charging ports can be integrated with our commercial solar carport solutions.

Emissions that are not under your direct control but are still related to your business activities (i.e. employee commuting) are usually the hardest to manage. However, by providing green infrastructure on-site you can incentivise your workforce to evolve sustainably along with your business

Funding Options


The CAPEX required for Renewable and Low Carbon Technologies is variable on a project by project basis.  Along with the carbon benefits the efficiency of generating heat or power at source provides significant savings to a business.  The CAPEX option allows your organisation to own an energy generating or saving asset from day one; providing an instant reduction in operating expenses.   The CAPEX option provides the quickest payback period and the greatest level of savings.


EGUK work with a number leading finance houses who can support your project by  offering low rates and extended terms between 5-10 years.  By financing a project over a longer term we are able to ensure the energy savings cover the cost of the capital and interest payments, allowing the cashflow to be positive.  There on and off balance sheet solutions available.  Once the finance agreement has been settled your business will take full ownership of the asset.  EGUK are audited by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and all finance agreements are subject to the lenders suitability criteria.


A power purchase agreement allows a business to buy electricity or heat generated from renewable sources at no upfront or maintenance costs.  This allows your business to save money and reduce your carbon footprint from day one.  

The PPA is a long term agreement between EGUK and your business.   The length of the contract varies between 10 – 25 years dependant on your requirements. In simplistic terms you grant rights to allow EGUK to install a renewable technology on your site and your business agrees to purchase energy at a discounted rate from buying from the grid.  A PPA will have a fixed inflation rate, where the grid commodity costs can be extremely volatile.  The long terms saving are approximately 50% less than owning the system outright.


We are committed to leading the industry by reducing our client’s carbon footprint impact on the environment and on the community.

In all of our business activities we shall aim for environmental protection and sustainable development by using best practices and innovation to minimise damaging impacts on the environment.

Our commitment to the protection and enhancement of the environment is underlined by our ability to:

  • Reduce waste by evaluating operations and ensuring efficiency and sustainability.
  • Minimise toxic emissions through the selection and use of power requirements.
  • Establish internal recycling policy and actively promoting it with our suppliers and sub contractors.
  • Source environmentally friendly products that are approved and can be recycled.
  • Meet all environmental legislations and standards.


We will pursue the concepts of our Environmental Policy through internal procedures, training, motivational awareness and will enforce it through our supervisory

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