about us

Specialists in Natural Energy Technologies and environmental solutions 

Driving sustainable development on a global level

Specialising in renewable technologies and environmental advisory solutions, we assist our clients with routes to net-zero emissions. By progressing our business reach and developing key partnerships we now provide for clients on a global marketplace. Our approach ensures that sustainability is always balanced with profitability, capitalising on the opportunities that sustainable development presents and driving ESG value for our clients.

our story

Energy Gain UK was formed in 2008 as a boutique, sustainable, engineering and design studio specialising in net-zero strategies through the execution of renewable energy projects, energy management systems and carbon credit procurement. Working with a smaller client base allows us to offer specific, specialised solutions on a more personal level. We focus on meeting the expectations of our clients at all points throughout the project life-cycle from strategy and design to management, maintenance and end-of-life. Our transparent project development and funding services along with rapid project implementation put us at the forefront of the energy sector. 

our purpose

We focus on embedding sustainability within the core of businesses. We believe this is key to responsible and sustained business development in a carbon-constrained future. 

Innovation plays its part in many ways. We have links with major universities and have assigned numerous resources researching and developing new technologies. We are able to offer our clients multiple services that can help them achieve their sustainability goals. We address the needs of our clients through rigorous financial and technological appraisals and assist in funding through incentivised finance and shared energy schemes.

our values

Reduce energy expenditure, reduce environmental impact and invest in innovation.

Careful management, customer satisfaction and a dedicated passion for timely completion are at the forefront of what we do. These three core values continue to guide us as we take on the global climate change challenge and we will not stop until we deliver substantial results. 

Every employee within Energy Gain UK has a vested interest in living up to the highest standards of ethics and professionalism. We firmly believe that our culture and core values have given us an important advantage that has contributed to our success. We aspire to be the very best we can be in our field, creating maximum value for our clients by providing market-leading, innovative services on time, at the highest quality and within agreed contract values.

Recent projects

Dovehaven Care Homes

Following on from the success of the solar panel installations and the impressive return on investment achieved, we have designed and installed the UK’s first cascaded Air Source Heat System. 

Vygon Group

Following on from a 503 kWp solar PV system, we are now working with the Vygon Group to develop a long-standing carbon mitigation strategy enabling them to achieve zero emissions throughout their operations in the UK. 

Goodwin Steel Castings

Energy Gain UK is working with Goodwin PLC to develop and execute a net-zero strategy within the next 5  years. This involves a blend of energy efficiency measures, renewable generation, energy sleaving and carbon offsetting.