Will the Green Deal take off?

The Green Deal is a relatively straightforward concept at first view, however it does seem to get more complicated the further you look into it.  The Green Deal consists of a visit from a green deal assessor, who carries an assessment of your house/ business and proposes energy saving measures to reduce your bills.  Green Deal providers will then quote for the work, A provider will then select a green deal installer to carry out the works.
The costs of the works are covered by a loan via the Green Deal Finance Company.  The loan is attached to the property not the individual.  The savings from your energy bills should be sufficient enough to cover the Green Deal Loan.
Government officials were of the belief that the Green Deal would bring a revolution in energy efficiency and provide a boost to the construction and green economy.  The department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) suggested hundreds of households have been assessed for the green deal, but statistics could not be revealed as they were still being collated.
In contrast Sky News reported only five people have took up the opportunity to have an assessment carried out.  Ed Matthews, head of fuel poverty campaign group Energy Bill Revolution, said the Government’s plan did not go far enough.  “The Green Deal and Energy Company Obligation, will not stop fuel poverty rocketing in the face of high gas prices,” he said.
“We call on the Prime Minister to use money from the Carbon Tax to super-insulate this country’s homes. This will provide households with five times more subsidy to insulate their homes and not add a penny more to energy bills.”
“It is enough to eliminate fuel poverty and in time cut bills for everyone. It is the just and fair solution.”
It is my belief the Green Deal may take off, but it will be a slow uptake.  I also envisage the large construction firms taking a huge slice of the market and offering low value sub contracts to the SME’s and one man bands.  With all the red tape surrounding the Green Deal only time will tell whether this will be the success the government needs.

“The Green Deal will help thousands of homes stay warm for less. Those people will benefit from energy saving improvements – and their energy bills will fall.” Nick Clegg Deputy Prime Minister”

In response to these concerns Energy Gain UK has sourced finance for many renewable technologies and Energy saving measures.  We believe our self funding solutions are more competitive than the Green Deal.   We take a holistic view of your building and show you all the energy saving options that best fit for your home or business.
For example we can offer a 4KWp domestic solar PV system for as little as 25 p/m for 4 years.  Once the system is paid for you will receive a return between 12-14K over 20 years from government grants (FIT Payments).  You are also protected against rising energy prices as you produce up to 3400 KWh of green electricity per year.  This investment returns a bank beating return of between 5% – 7%
I will leave you with the following question, if you had a water leak would you fix it?  If you knew you had heat leaking from your building, would you fix it?   Let us answer that question for you and reduce your bills today and for the future.  Remember, we do not cost the Earth.
Call us on 0161 339 9685 for a quick chat* on how we can reduce costs for your home or business.
*Please note this not a sales call and is strictly to provide the information you need.  This service is only available to homes and businesses in the UK.
Craig Jones BSc (Hons) MSc