Can you achieve energy efficiency and commercial efficiency?

In this new energy world, the options for control and optimisation are endless. Those who previously sought ways to merely save money and reduce consumption are realising there are other options. This is the world of energy as a business driver. A world where you can talk to your CFO about energy alongside budgets and cost centres. A world where energy can put money back into the company coffers. A world where energy is in the driver’s seat for profitability.
Optimise consumption
Use real-time monitoring for efficiency gains. Intelligent data monitoring shows the volume of energy consumed, how it’s being consumed, where it’s performing best (and worst), and how it’s affecting the environment. From there, the financial world is your oyster – tweak and optimise to your wallet’s content.
Sell to the grid
Modify your on-site generation or consumption to provide additional capacity when the grid needs it – and receive savings, or even payments, for your efforts. Earn money with your installed generation capacities, reduce net energy costs, track asset performance and maintain high flexibility in rapidly changing markets.
Peak load management
Get transparency and a new perspective on your energy data through an Energy Management System (EMS). Be empowered to reduce consumption and costs and achieve savings for your business. If the data tells you there’s a peak in the grid at 9am when everyone’s turning their computers on, think about starting your production cycle a little earlier to save overloading the system.
Apply for subsidies
As the world moves towards a more sustainable era of energy, governments are offering subsidies and tax breaks for those who use renewable energies. Think differently about your energy generation and energy mix, and you could find yourself making savings that benefit everyone.
Save up to 80% on grid fees
Through peak shaving you can save up to 80% on grid fees and up to 20% on your electricity bill.