Could you increase customer and employee satisfaction through energy?

A happier place to work builds Comfort
Your building isn’t just a way to escape the weather, and it’s not just somewhere your employees and customers come to spend a few hours. Your energy infrastructure can make or break satisfaction. You have a duty of care to ensure you provide not only a safe and secure environment for them, but also a comfortable one.
Even the newest, most modern buildings could benefit from regular energy assessments to ensure things like ambient temperature and lighting are optimised for employee and customer comfort.
Providing comfort with Sensor-based concepts
Integrate energy and process management to support better comfort in stores, energy savings, and new business concepts. Stop wasting energy in empty rooms and during production downtime’s.
Smart energy
Combine Solar Photovoltaic (PV) systems, storage and electric charging infrastructures to produce cost-efficient, sustainable concepts. Go one step further and bring in cloud-based monitoring with an energy management system or a Virtual Power Plant to bring in extra efficiencies and optimisation.
Energy optimisation
Energy management systems can monitor, manage and control the energy-consuming devices in your buildings, enabling you to understand energy usage and improve its performance. You can also analyse the entire production process, looking to optimise your consumption patterns end-to-end in a way that’s tailored to your specific processes.
Bring in renewables
Use your roof or land to install Solar Photovoltaic systems to generate renewable energy on-site. Integrate battery storage or fuel cells to increase use of produced electricity and reduce peak loads. Your customers and employees will have a sense of pride that their comfort is also environmentally-friendly and saving CO2.
Happy employees are 12% more productive
Research from the University of Warwick says that people work more effectively, creatively and collaboratively when they’re happy at work.