What would you spend with an extra £650 a year?

Our domestic customers usually save from £13,000-£19,000 over the next 20 years, that works out to be £650-£950 a year. These are just estimates as there are a lot of factors which can result in you saving even more or less:

  • Usage per year – The more you use the more you will save
  • Current Tariff – The more you pay per unit will result in higher savings
  • Roof – If your roof is south facing you will generate more energy
  • Solar System – If you get a 4Kw system over a 3Kw you will generate more energy
  • Time you are home – As you generate electricity during sun hours you will save more by using electrical devices during these times

Below is an example of one of our customers. This helps show depending on what time of year it is the amount you generate will vary.