Significantly reduce business running costs right now

In these uncertain times business owners up and down the country are rightly concerned about how they will continue to make profits and cover costs. At Energy Gain UK we can help you to significantly reduce your business running costs  – not just through this difficult period but for many years to come.
Energy Gain UK has won awards for helping reduce business running costs by installing energy efficient technologies including Solar Panels and Air Source Heat Pumps.
We can help you to make up for reduced sales by cutting your business costs. For example, for an organisation operating on a 10% net profit margin, £1000 worth of saved expenditure equates to £10,000 worth of sales. So, our solution to reduce your energy costs can help tremendously in the current climate, relieving pressure on your sales targets.
We have a number of options that can help you to do this.
Option 1 – We can install the equipment for free and you buy the electricity at an agreed rate up to 40% cheaper than your current supplier.
Option 2 – We can offer you a unique finance option to enable you to install a renewable electricity generating system and reap the benefits. A number of our clients are cash positive from day one.
Option 3 – Your organisation purchases its own renewable electricity generating system. This will allow you to generate power at a rate of around 5p per unit.
The above options are open to businesses that own their premises or have a lease of 20 years plus.

Get in Touch

We don’t even need to meet in person to get things moving, simply request a no obligation proposal by replying to this email, sending us:

  1. Your company name
  2. Approximate annual energy cost and annual energy usage (kWh)
  3. Your postcode

You can send us the information to or call us with it on 0161 330 7739.
We will then send you a proposal outlining the likely installation costs, cost savings and ROI.
You have nothing loose in asking for a proposal but everything to gain!