Facts and Figures

Client – CDL

Solar Photovoltaics 

System Size – 80 KWp

Generation Per Annum – 55,500 KWh

Expected Payback Period – 5 Years

Carbon Savings – 253 Tonnes over 20 Years

At Energy Gain UK we have completed one of our most ambitious commercial solar panel installations to date and believe it to be one of the first if its kind in the UK.

The project was for Stockport based CDL who are a major player in the provision of software services and data storage for many large insurance companies.

As part of their continued growth and investment CDL have completed two new purpose built offices in Stockport. A condition of planning approval was that the buildings had panels installed around the perimeter of the roof to hide Ventilation and air conditioning equipment from view.

After a consultation with Energy Gain UK, CDL decided that they could turn this building requirement to their advantage and rather than install decorative panels they could install a complete wrap around solar system which would not only deal with the planning but also produce energy for the next 30 years. This led CDL and Energy Gain UK onto engineering and installing a complete Solar Wrap on their DATA Centre. Offering not only a fabulous looking building but also a very energy efficient building.

This has had tremendous advantages for CDL. As a high energy user they are now able to dramatically reduce the amount of grid electricity that they use and will also receive government payments for the electricity they generate, whether they use it or not. CDL’s expected payback period is just 3-4 years . They will make significant electricity savings for the next 30 years and receive government incentive payments for 20 years.

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