Install Solar Panels For Your Business

10 Reasons Why

1.  Reduce your energy bills by as much as 70%

2.  Pay less than 4p per kWh for your electricity (average price 14p per KWh)

3.  Profoundly reduce carbon emissions

4.  Help combat climate change; protect future generations

5.  Unique ROI guarantee to secure your investment

6.  100% funding available, positive cashflow from day one

7.  Meet CSR objectives and conform to supply chain requirements

8.  Secure and easily forecast electricity prices

9.  Minimal disruption to your business

10. Security of supply in an evolving energy marketplace

So many benefits to sustainable technologies

There are countless misconceptions when it comes to solar energy, but the most widespread is that solar panels need sunlight to generate power. This simply is not true! Modern solar panels are perfectly capable of generating power even in cloudy conditions in the cloudiest cities. 

Solar panels for your business will allow you to save thousands of Kg of Co2 and advertise low carbon products. You can power the forthcoming electric cars using the sun and solar panels on your roof.  There are so many additional benefits alongside the fantastic funding returns that can add value to any business in any sector.  We know this because we have already installed a system within your sector.

Why Choose Energy Gain?

Project Execution 

2500+ projects completed and over 5 MWp of solar panels installed.  We have gained the knowledge and best practice from executing projects in multiple sectors including: (Councils, Schools, Construction, Manufacturing, Offices and Agriculture.


Energy Gain only employ qualified/ certified energy consultants (ISO, ESOS, LEAD Assessments, Energy Audits).  We will only install tier 1 and European insurance backed products to ensure the components we specify meet the business case requirements.  We are accredited by leading governing bodies including: MCS, NIC EIC, Gas Safe, HIES, and RECC.


100% Funding Available.  We work with you to provide cashflow and financial appraisals to support your business case and individual investment decision.  To ensure the highest standards we are accredited by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Easy as 1,2,3

Help Secure Your Businesses Future By Going Green

We offer a range of offers to fit your requirements. This includes purchasing the service off us installing the most efficient system. We offer funding which will be in profit on average year 5 and doesn’t require any money out of pocket before hand. We also offer a Power Purchase Agreement where we will own the panels on your roof and charge you at the green tariff rate. To find our more get in touch and one of trained consultants will be happy to explain all of the ownership opportunities

Find Out More

Own your own Building
For us to complete an installation on your business premises you will need to own your building. Alternatively if the building is rented we will need permission from you landlord.
Free Desktop Audit
We provide a free desktop survey. Please complete the form and we will give you a short call to discuss how you currently use and discuss energy efficiency measures that are guaranteed to save your business money.


Case Studies

Gandtrack – Reduces reliance on grid energy by 23%
Gandtrack – Reduces reliance on grid energy by 23%

Our latest solar photovoltaic installation has been for Oldham based Gandtrack who are market leaders in the design & manufacture of specialist cutting tools for the aerospace & associated industries. The manufacturing site consumes 187,229 KWh of electricity...

MARTON MILLS – Reduces Energy Costs and Carbon Emissions
MARTON MILLS – Reduces Energy Costs and Carbon Emissions

Energy Gain UK have recently completed a solar panel installation for Marton Mills Co Ltd that will enable them to significantly reduce their running costs and their carbon footprint. Marton Mills Co Ltd is a traditional family owned weaving mill in the heart of West...

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