Commercial Energy Audits – Half of UK Businesses Overspending On Energy Costs

According to research from npower, 53 percent of SMEs in the UK are not taking any steps to monitor their energy efficiency and, consequently, are likely to be spending more than they need to on energy costs. 18 percent were unable to say whether they had reduced their energy usage over the past year. Yet a commercial energy audit can help reduce this energy consumption.
The research also found that amongst companies which do measure energy efficiency, half of them were able to achieve cost savings of up to 10 percent. Data from the Carbon Trust shows that SMEs have, on average, a potential energy saving opportunity of up to 20 percent, more than double that of larger businesses.
The npower research found that SMEs are placing an increasing importance on energy efficiency, giving it an average score of 6.7 out of 10 when asked to rate its significance to their organisation. This is an increase from the score of just over 5 which was recorded when the same research was carried out in 2005.
Usage and other government initiatives have effectively increased average bills by 100% or more over the past seven years. Current averages across all sectors are as follows:

  • The average bill for UK business is £2,528 per year.
  • The average unit price per kilowatt hour (kWh) is 9.50p.
  • The average daily standing charge is 20p per day.
  • Most businesses use between 15,000 and 25,000 kWh per year.

Average Annual Electricity Prices By Industry Type
Micro Business          7,500                            £1,062
Small Business           15,000                         £2,038
Medium Business      25,000                        £3,146
Industrial                   60,000                         £7,346 2016.
At Energy Gain UK we have found that a commercial energy audit is proving to be an effective tool in helping managers understand and take control of the way their commercial facilities use energy. They are also valuable in determining the steps to make that use more efficient.
An Energy Gain Commercial Energy Audit is the starting point in reducing your energy costs and improving energy efficiency. The audit is carried out by one of our qualified energy consultants who will:
Analyse your energy spend
Analyse your power usage trends
Provide a supplier analysis
Provide a lighting analysis
Provide a heating and cooling analysis
Provide an employee comfort level analysis
On completion of the commercial energy audit you will be provided with a report that will provide a detailed analysis of spend and consumption and make recommendations as to how you can make immediate savings and implement energy reduction measures. You will be able to make these yourself; they will not be dependent on any of the services offered by Energy Gain UK.
If on completion of your free commercial energy audit you decide to progress to a full Energy Management system we can transform the way you manage your energy, reducing your consumption and costs with our 4 step process.

  • On-going energy cost management to ensure costs don’t creep up
  • Ensure that you benefit from any applicable green energy grants and incentives
  • On-going energy supply chain management
  • Increased productivity by improving the working environment.
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Enhanced corporate responsibility
  • Ensure a secure energy supply as your business expands

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