Wolds Farm Camp Site

Wolds Farm Camp Site is based in Lincolnshire, they were looking to  reduce their energy costs and provide an additional revenue stream from FIT payments and selling unused energy back to the national grid. We enabled them to use their land to construct a revenue generating solar farm.

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Project Detail

Client Wolds Produce Limited

Sector Agricultural

Scope Survey, DNO Application, Design, Supply, Install & Commission

Technology Solar Photovoltaics

Location Lincolnshire

Site Details

Capacity 49.50KWp

Feed Three Phase

Azimuth 12 Degrees

Pitch 15 Degrees

Shading None

Access Scaffold Tower


Mounting Ground Mount

Mounting System Schucu

Solar Modules EG 8.33 MS Ga

Qty of Solar Modules 190

Inverter SMA 17000TL

Qty of Inverters 3

Monitoring Inverter Level

Generation Data

Estimated Annual Output    905 KWP/KWh p/a

Carbon Saving 23,500 KgCo2e p/a

*Figures based on PVGIS Data *Figures based on 0.5246 KG CO2 per KWh


Wolds Farm campsite 4