The War in Ukraine – What this means for UK energy

Recent events in Ukraine have caused everyone to gasp at their television screens in disbelief.

A ground war and invasion of this kind has not been seen in Europe since World War 2, but now that it’s happening, how will it impact the rest of the world?

Whilst we haven’t been touched by shelling, air raids and evacuation, the UK will surely feel the effects of Russia’s actions, in one way or another at some stage.

It may sound trivial in comparison, to consider the price and availability of energy, when Ukrainians are under attack in their own cities, but it’s an important consideration to make in the context of the rising cost of living.

As soon as the invasion was underway, the price of gas for next day delivery jumped 53% to 326p per therm (British Gas). The markets were spooked that sanctions on Russia would lead to global disruption of energy supplies.

And this may well turn out to be the case.

Even with the advancements in renewable energies, much of the UK’s energy supply is still imported from mainland Europe, whether that’s from Norway, in smaller amounts from Belgium and The Netherlands, or…

…you guessed it, from Russia (Nexus).

Price isn’t the only thing to think about here, and availability is arguably even more important, which is why at Energy Gain UK, we work across the manufacturing sector to enable our clients to become the masters of their own destiny when it comes to energy.

Solar power will save your company money, it will dramatically reduce your carbon footprint and it doesn’t rely on what’s happening overseas.

Energy Gain UK can deliver effective and efficient solutions on a huge scale for commercial manufacturers looking to take control of their energy accessibility and affordability. Not just for now but for the uncertain years to come.

Aside from the benefits in terms of price and reliability, cutting your carbon footprint is the right thing to do, and we can help you do that.

There can be no comparison between the rise in the cost of energy, and living in a warzone but there’s no getting away from the fact that events around the world really do have implications for UK businesses.

Take control of your energy’s future with Energy Gain UK.

Our thoughts and sympathies are with everyone directly affected by the ongoing situation in Ukraine.