The UK installed 545MW of Solar Panels in 2020
The UK installed 545MW of new solar photovoltaic capacity, according to analysis by Solar Energy UK, a 27% year-on-year increase compared with 2019. The new capacity additions took the UK’s cumulative installed capacity to 13.9GW at the end of last year, almost 500W higher than existing Government-released figures, said the association. Around 60% of new capacity in 2020 came from ground-mounted PV systems, the rest from rooftop commercial and industrial and residential segments. In April 2020, solar hit a new all-time peak generation record of 9.68GW, while in May 2020 solar supplied 11% of all electricity. Solar Energy UK chief executive Chris Hewett said: “These figures show that the government is playing catch-up in its understanding of the strength of the UK’s solar energy industry. “Solar energy will enable people across the country to benefit from clean, cheap power for their homes and technology, such as electric vehicles.”