Reduce Your Energy Costs By Up To 40% This Winter

As the nights draw in and the temperature starts to drop many of us become more aware of the creeping increases in the cost of our energy bills, particularly as our energy requirements over the winter months rises sharply.

 At Energy Gain UK our solar PV customers will of course still see some increase in their energy costs over the winter months, due to fewer daylight hours and increased usage in the evenings, but during daylight hours those customers are still:

  • Receiving payments from the government for 20 years for every unit of electricity they generate – whether they use it or not.
  • Generating free electricity to use in their home
  • Receiving payment for any unused electricity that is sent to the national grid
  • Reducing their energy bills
  • Protecting themselves from the impact of future energy price increases.
  • Protecting themselves from any forthcoming Brexit risks or their effects on energy bills.
  • Reducing their carbon footprint and protecting the environment

How It Works

  1. The government incentives that you will receive (Feed-in-Tariff and Export Tariff payments) typically covers the cost of the solar PV system.
  2. The system will generate as much as 64,000 units of electricity over 20 years, which will be free of charge to you.
  3. If you use 100% of this power in your home you could receive a saving as much as £13,500, depending on inflation rates.

Energy Gain UK can  also offer the Tesla Powerwall battery storage system that enables you to further increase your energy independence by storing all the unused power you generate during the day to use at night.

Why not see if your property would be suitable for a Solar PV system and find out how much you could save. Call us today on 0161 339 5462 or click here to contact us.