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Majority of UK consumers prefer products made using renewable energy

According to a new survey by offshore wind specialists Ørsted, most UK consumers prefer to buy products from companies powered by renewable energy over their competitors who don’t.

The research showed 86% of respondents believed it was worth purchasing goods made using 100% renewable energy with 73% indicating they would choose products from firms powered in part by renewable sources.

The survey of 500 consumers focused on the purchase of goods from supermarkets, food and drinks firms and companies offering clothing, electronics and beauty products.

Ørsted UK’s managing director Jeff Whittingham said: “We know that a move to green energy makes sense for the environment, but these latest statistics show that it is also good for business, making renewable energy a commercial choice as well as an ethical one.”

The survey indicates there is a strong commercial benefit for companies that are decarbonising their energy mix through onsite renewables or green energy procurement.

Notably, 60% of consumers revealed a preference for products with logos that display a green message and details of a company or product’s sustainability agenda. Global brewers Anheuser-Busch InBev (AB InBev), for example, have placed renewable electricity labels on any Budweiser beer that has been brewed using 100% renewable electricity.

Ørsted itself has introduced new green energy initiatives as it switches its portfolio away from traditional fossil fuels towards renewable sources.

It offers business customers renewable energy provision at no extra cost and has vowed to phase out the coal side of its business within five years.

At Energy Gain UK we have been helping our clients to power their businesses using renewable energy technologies for the last 9 years. If you would like to find out how your business could be powered by renewable energy technology to help you reduce your energy bills and meet consumer preferences simply click here to send us a few details and we will work out how much you could save and earn.

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