‘Mankind could disappear’: Stark warning at climate change summit

A major United Nations climate change summit has begun in Poland, as tens of thousands also took to the streets in Brussels to demand urgent action.
Nearly 200 nations are involved in the event, designed to build on the landmark 2015 Paris climate accord which set a goal of limiting climate change to well below 2C (3.6F).
Officials will thrash out a “rulebook” for declaring and monitoring cuts in greenhouse gases.
They will also spell out how contributions will be made to a fund intended to mitigate the effects of climate change in less developed countries.
UN General Assembly president Maria Espinosa has said mankind is “in danger of disappearing” if climate change progresses at its current rate.
Naturalist Sir David Attenborough will deliver a speech at the COP24 as he takes up the first ever “people’s seat” at the talks – an initiative promoting the need to act on climate change.
Meanwhile in the UK there is better news, recently published statistics show that the UK’s  measures to help reduce reliance on fossil fuels by increasing the output of renewable energy hit a record high this spring.
Solar drives UK renewables output to record high
Dukes data for April to June shows renewables contributed 31.7% of power generated, up from 30.6 in Q2 2017. This was driven by a higher level of sunlight hours compared to the same time last year, and higher solar capacity.
While wind generation capacity also increased, it was offset by “very low” wind speeds, according to the data, remaining flat in output terms. Less rain meant hydro also contributed fewer gigawatt hours.
Coal’s share of the generation mix fell from 2% to 1.6%. Due to outages, nuclear contributed less, 21.7% versus 23.1% the prior year. The shortfall was picked up by a slight increase in gas usage 42% of total generation against 41.3 per cent in Q2 2017.
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