Reduce your lighting bill with LED lighting – one of the easiest ways to save energy and money

Energy Gain UK can help businesses benefit from an LED lighting upgrade. LED Lighting can provide a number of benefits for a business, as it is extremely energy efficient. An installation can see energy savings of up to 80%. LED units have an average life span of 50,000+ hours, eliminating costly or time consuming maintenance and providing energy savings for years to come.
The brighter lights ensure working conditions are suitable and meet health and safety standards. LED lighting improves productivity and ensures employees feel energised and focused.
With the UK’s annual sunshine in short supply, it is common for us to judge the merit of a home or office by the amount of natural light the building receives – and a room with a view is much sought after.
But in design and efficiency terms, there are actual scientific facts and standards to bear in mind for optimum health, energy and efficiency performance for people who now spend an estimated 90% of their time inside.
Researchers have revealed that daylit environments increase a building’s users’ productivity as well as comfort, and provide mental stimulation and help regulate the human body’s rhythms which govern sleep patterns.
Modern LED lighting can now produce a light quality that is very close to natural daylight so is an ideal way to improve working comfort as well as significantly reduce running costs.
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