Domestic Sale Manchester

This client wanted to reduce their energy bills and to take advantage of the government incentives to produce cleaner, greener energy.

domestic pv sale manchester


Technology Solar Photovoltaics

Sector Domestic

Instruction Survey, DNO, Planning, Design, Supply, Install & Commission

Client Private Sale

Postcode Manchester area



Capacity 3KWp

Feed Single Phase

Azimuth 15 Degrees

Pitch 35 Degrees

Shading None

Access Scaffold

Mounting On-Roof

Mounting System Schuco

Solar Module EG833Ga

Qnty of Solar Modules 13

Inverter Ena Solar 3KWGT-VK

Qnty of Inverters 1

Monitoring Inverter Level

Generation Data

Estimated Annual Output 912 KWP/KWh p/a

Carbon Saving 1,943 KgCo2e p/a

*Figures based on PVGIS Data *Figures based on 0.5246 KG CO2 per KWh