Clark Hills Cattery

“I contacted Energy Gain UK as we were having problems with our power usage at the Cattery. The electricity demand was too high for the incoming power supply and often blew the main fuse at peak demand. We were pulling too many amps for our single phase supply and a three phase supply was not cost effective.
Energy Gain arrived and carried out a full electrical analysis of the site and came up with a cost effective solution that met our budget.
The full solution included 2 heat pumps and a 2KW Solar Photovoltaic System. Since the installation, I have had no electrical problems and I am more than happy.
We now have a temperature controlled environment with great air movement and a filtration system which was much needed. There was no mess and the installation team left my premises exactly as they found it. I would rate Energy Gain UK as a highly recommended organisation.”
Iain Critchley, Director, Clark Hills Cattery