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Why Choose Energy Gain UK


Operating nationally, Energy Gain UK have been installing a range of renewable energy systems in homes and workplaces for over 8 years. Over this time we have built up an impressive client list and achieved numerous accreditations.


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We are an accredited member of HIES

Energy Gain - HIES Accredited member

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Fully Insured

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We also ensure all products selected come with warranties and offer our own workmanship guarantees.


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As part of our survey we will provide a forecast of the energy savings you will make and the government incentive payments you will receive for the next 20 years!

The EG STAR (Solar Test & Research)

Our rigorous approach to performance has led to the development of our EG Star solar test and research facility where the focus is on the performance of system components and new products can be analysed and reported. The developing evidence base is used to inform the design engineers and plays an important part in training programmes for installation staff.



Quality Control

Quality control is therefore a vital part of the company’s growth and training is given a high priority to ensure high standards are met throughout partnership projects.

Investment in Innovation

Priority is also given to investment in education and innovation. Employers and their staff can participate in university-accredited programmes sponsored by the company. Energy Gain UK now have the ability to access various sources of finance for business installations. Investment in qualifications and accreditation’s means we are fully equipped to develop high-level energy profiles in the most complex of environments.

Everything Energy Gain UK does is part of a dedicated engineering process, starting and finishing with the client, enhancing our reputation for reliability, excellence and value.

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