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If you think that Solar PV panels are only worthwhile if you live in California think again! It’s all about daylight, not sunshine. Solar PV panels can still generate some electricity on gloomy days.

Here are some key solar PV panels need-to-knows:

  1. There are two types of solar panels

 Solar PV panels – These use the sun’s energy to convert it into electricity that can be used by a householder or a business.

Solar Thermal panels– These allows you to use the sun’s energy to cut down on heating bills.

These need-to knows will focus on solar PV panels.

According to the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (formerly the DECC), well over half a million British homes have solar panels installed.

  1. A South Facing Roof Is Best

To get maximum efficiency a South facing roof is best, but solar PV panels can also be effective on South-west or west facing roofs. Most importantly your roof should be free from shading between 10am and 4pm.

  1. You need a grade D Energy Performance Certificate

The amount you get paid for generating electricity depends on your building’s Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating, and you’ll need one to register for feed-in payments. EPC’s are valid for 10 years. A rating of D or above qualifies for the full feed-in payment.

Energy Gain UK organise one of these are part of the solar PV panel installation process and can advise how to achieve the minimum D rating required.

  1. You can still switch energy supplier

You don’t need your energy supplier to be the same as the supplier that pays your feed-in tariff, so you’re free to switch around and get even better energy prices.

  1. You can still make savings in Manchester

The Energy Saving Trust estimates that solar PV panels in Manchester could earn you and save a combined £290/year on bills,

  1. You shouldn’t need planning permission

You don’t generally need planning permission for solar PV panels. The big exceptions are if your property has a flat roof, is listed or in a conservation area.

  1. Solar PV panels are generally low-maintenance

The Energy Saving Trust says little maintenance is required on a properly installed, well-designed solar PV system, though you’ll likely need to replace the inverter – a gadget which is a key part of the mechanism – within about 25 years.

  1. Use your solar PV panels at the right time and you’ll maximise their value

Once you’ve got your solar PV panels installed and they’re up and running, make sure you make the most of them by using them at the right time.

For example, in the winter, when there’s less sunlight and you’ll generate less solar power, you’ll take more energy from the grid. It’s a good idea to set appliances to run while it’s light outside, staggering them to max the savings.

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