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Battery Storage

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Energy Gain UK are authorised installers and resellers of a number of battery storage . We can now provide and install numerous battery storage solutions in: Manchester, Cheshire, Lancashire, West Yorkshire, Staffordshire and Derbyshire.

The battery storage solutions allow you to store the generation and utilise it when you most need it.  Battery storage allow you to maximise your energy.

When solar panels produce more power than a home/business needs, the excess solar is sent back to the grid. A battery storage system enables you to capture and store excess solar energy produced during the day for use at night. The result is greater self-consumption of solar generation and reduced energy costs.

  • The Solar Photovoltaic system will convert the sun’s energy to electricity.
  • A battery storage system will store the generated electricity and allow you to use it when you require it, this maybe in the evening or offset large traffic light costs.
  • The battery storage system allows greater control of your power.

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Case Studies

Latest Solar panel installation The Energy Centre..

Energy Gain UK have recently completed a 4Kw south facing solar panel installation at the Energy Centre at the University of Chester’s Thornton Science Park.The Solar Edge installation is fully optimised and will form part of their ongoing research into solar energy technologies.

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