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Stop Your Energy Bills Going Through The Roof

According to a recent Ofgem electricity and gas market report, energy prices have increased by as much as 32% over the past 5 years and this is predicted to continue.

“Energy Prices Have Increased By Up To 32%
Over The Past 5 Years”

As energy reduction specialists we can help you to:

Generate free electric and reduce your energy bills

Combat rising energy costs

Secure a tax-free, index linked revenue stream, guaranteed by the government for the next 20 years.

Earn an additional income stream by exporting your unused electricity to the national grid

Reduce your CO2 emissions

Get ahead of the 2019 zero carbon building requirements 

Deliver onsite renewable generation targets

Ensure security of supply

The Process

Assessment Modeling

Our bespoke software package helps us to assess the energy performance and energy efficiency of your buildings and identify possible improvement measures, including assessing the financial returns for our recommended improvement measures.


Once an improvement strategy has been agreed we can then help you to find a funder to help finance some of the technology initiatives.

Physical Survey – Surveyors carry out a property surveys

Design – We design all systems including insurance policies for FIT.

Materials – these are sourced to meet yield requirements and to ensure maximum energy efficiency.

Project Planning and installation – this ensures that timescales are met whilst ensuring your needs are taken into account.

Handover/Commissioning – once the installation is complete the systems are checked and commissioned and handover packs issued.

Online Monitoring and Reporting – Energy Gain UK continue to monitor each system to ensure that optimum generation levels are maintained.]

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Case Studies

Latest Solar panel installation The Energy Centre..

Energy Gain UK have recently completed a 4Kw south facing solar panel installation at the Energy Centre at the University of Chester’s Thornton Science Park.The Solar Edge installation is fully optimised and will form part of their ongoing research into solar energy technologies.

in Public Sector

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