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Public Sector

Specialising in Natural Energy Technologies

Public Sector

Whether you are looking to reduce energy costs and CO2 emissions from your own building infrastructure or those of tenants, Energy Gain UK can help you achieve significant decreases in both areas.

We have a solid track record of implementing energy saving solutions for NHS organisations, Councils, Schools, Universities and Housing Associations.

As energy reduction specialists we can help you to:

Generate free electric and reduce your energy bills

Combat rising energy costs

Earn an additional income stream by exporting your unused electricity to the national grid

Reduce your CO2 emissions in line with the 2019 zero carbon building requirements

Deliver onsite renewable generation targets

Ensure security of supply

Our highly experienced energy assessors can provide you with a comprehensive assessment on areas where you can reduce your CO2 emissions and energy costs and recommend options to increase efficiency. We can also implement recommendations and technologies that have already been made by third parties.

Our Technologies:

Our end-to-end solution covers generating free electricity, increasing energy efficiency, reducing energy usage and reducing CO2 emissions, helping you to meet and even exceed your targets for each of these areas.

Project Planning

We understand that implementing an energy saving initiative within the public sector involves working with many different stakeholders. Our project planners are highly experienced in this area and can knowledgeably deal with stake-holders including financiers, legal teams, staff and tenants whilst ensuring minimum disruption.



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    Case Studies

    Energy Reduction At Dovehaven Care Homes

    Following on from the success of the solar panel installations and the impressive return on investment achieved by these, Energy Gain UK have designed and installed the UK’s first cascaded Air Source Heat System in one of Dovehaven’s biggest care homes. This system has been designed so that solar generated electricity can be used to power the air source heat pumps. These in turn produce an energy output 3 to 4 times greater than the power input.

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