Facts and Figures

Client – Besblock

Solar Photovoltaics 

System Size – 100 KWp

Generation Per Annum – 82,500 KWh

Expected Payback Period – 4 Years

Carbon Savings – 360 Tonnes over 20 Years

Besblock, a concrete block manufacturer in Shropshire, has revealed a significant ‘six-figure’ investment in research and development to enhance the environmental impact of its market-leading products.

With the race to zero among the Government’s key priorities, the family-run firm based in Halesfield, Telford, said it was committed to doing everything in its power to lead the way in the construction sector.

With a new biomass boiler expected to save nearly 6,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year, and up to 10,000 with future investment, a suite of hybrid vehicles reducing emissions further and solar panels helping slash energy costs by 65%, the next step was investment into low-carbon products.

“We are already offsetting the carbon in our production process but now we want to make sure the blocks themselves are as ‘green’ as possible. We have spent a significant sum in the last 18 months on developing new ways to refine our Star Performer block to make sure it has a sector leading carbon footprint.

“We’re reducing material use, water use, cement content and lowering carbon emissions in the factory. Whilst there is no magic solution we are also exploring new lighter-weight structures which do not affect the performance or integrity of our blocks. There’s also a competition amongst the delivery drivers to return the most miles per gallon plus any new additions to the fleet will be hybrid or electric. This isn’t a piecemeal approach but a commitment across the board.”

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