Cascaded Air Source Heat System – One of the first in the UK

Following on from the success of our solar panel installations across Dovehaven’s 20 residential care homes in North West England and the impressive return on investment achieved by these, Energy Gain UK have designed and installed the UK’s first cascaded Air Source Heat System for one of Dovehaven’s biggest care homes.

This system has been designed so that solar generated electricity can be used to power the Mitsubishi Electric air source heat pumps. These in turn produce an energy output 3 to 4 times greater than the power input.

The system connects six 16-kilowatt Mitsubishi Electric air source heat pumps in a configuration that optimises both the efficiency and the lifespan of the system.

The system operates on an on-demand basis to supply different floors of the building. At peak demand all six heat pumps will be in operation, but once the optimum temperature is reached supply is rotated across the condensers to ensure demand is never focussed on just one or two outdoor condensing units.

In its first month of use in January 2019 the system has reduced Dovehaven’s energy cost by 27%. This is a considerable reduction in a month where their running costs will be at their peak due to the winter weather and where solar production is at its lowest due to the reduced daylight hours in winter. Significant annual savings are forecast.

All in all, Dovehaven Care homes are well on the way to achieving their goals of keeping their residents warm and comfortable, while ensuring their costs are minimised so that the fees can remain competitive.

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