Is My Property Suitable For Solar Panels?

Most properties are suitable for solar panels installation.  Our solar panel systems cover a wide range of roof types and property types so we are very likely to find a solution that is right for you.

If you answer yes to the following questions your property could be suitable for solar panels.

Does Your Roof Face The Sun?

It is best if your roof is south facing, but east and west facing properties can also benefit from our split systems which makes the most of the sun from either direction.

Is The Chosen Area Shaded?

If other buildings, trees or chimney stacks cast shadows on your roof, it may not be appropriate to install solar panels on your roof. However, solar PV panels may be installed directly on property walls, so your premises may still be suitable for a solar thermal installation.

Does Your Roof Have The Right Pitch?

Most homes in the UK tend to have a roof pitch of around 30 – 50 degrees. If your roof falls above or below this figure, you may still be able to install a solar PV panel to your wall or a flat roof.

Is The Roof Structurally Sound?

During our site survey, we will inspect your roof to ensure it is structurally capable of holding the load of the solar panels safely and securely. Most roofs have more than ample capability.

Are There Any Obstructions?

If you have roof windows, vents, or chimneys in the area that your solar panels need fitting, these may need relocating if possible, otherwise they may prevent the install from going ahead.

If you have answered yes to the above questions then your property could be suitable for solar panels and you could be dramatically reducing the amount of grid electricity you use and getting paid for doing so!

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We are based in Ashton-Under-Lyne and have carried out over 500 installations including many solar panel system repairs  in the last 5 years alone.


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