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Frequently Asked Questions

 How Do You Manage The Project?

Projects of this type tend to be 60% information based and 40% installation. Energy Gain UK therefore has a bespoke software package that assists in the project management and data management involved in implementing large sized energy reduction projects. This enables us to ensure projects are delivered on time and maximize energy reduction.

“We have a unique lease that benefits both the funder and the property owner.”

How Does The Funding Work?

For funded systems we can help you to find a funder who is willing to finance the installation of your renewable energy system. The agreement will enable you to utilise energy produced for your own use. However, the funder will retain any FIT payments and revenue produced from selling excess energy back to the grid.

We have a unique lease that is put in place that benefits both the funder and the property owner.

What Maintenance Is Required?

For funded systems the funder carries out maintenance. For non-funded systems we offer a low cost annual maintenance package that will ensure that your system is optimised for the best energy production.

Do You Have An Insurance Policy In Place?

We have a comprehensive insurance policy that covers the funder and landlord and includes loss of earnings and FIT payments if for any reason the system is not functioning. Further details available on request.

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