What is a solar farm?

A large scale Solar Power Plant also known as Solar Farm or utility scale generation station is a large Solar Photovoltaic System.  As many of the Solar Power Plants are situated on agricultural land the term Solar Farm was born. Energy Gain look at small boutique sites between upto 1 MWp all the way to large 20MWp site


A solar farm usually requires at least one hectare per Megawatt of power.  As the Large scale plant requires a substantial amount of area the solar farm is subject to planning approval.  The chances of gaining planning approval vary from council to council.  Energy Gain has extensive experience in gaining planning permission on behalf of our clients. Dependant on location and how amenable the local community and planners are to our approach will determine their response to our enquiry.

The Grid

The local grid must be able to accommodate the generating capacity of the newly installed solar farm.  The network may incur reinforcement costs to allow the grid to absorb the electricity at its maximum capacity.  In order to assess the extent of the reinforcement costs, a full system design and survey must be carried out by a sustainable specialist and reported to the local distribution network operator for a full quotation. Energy Gain have the expertise to carry this out for all of our clients. This cost can affect how much your final offer will be as these costs can range from £30k – £1m plus )

Installation & Equipment

The key components installed within a solar farm are: solar panels, inverters, mounting equipment, cabling, ancillary items and extensive monitoring software.  The selection of equipment will have an effect on the output of the system. The specification of materials must be produced by an industry specialist; sub-standard componants will result in system losses and in turn financial losses.

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Operation and Maintenance

Upon the final completion of the Solar Farm the Investor will enter into a contract to undertake operation and maintenance.  A key point of the maintenance contract is to monitor how the solar farm is performing.  This allows the site owner to compare projected output against actual output.  The performance data enables the scheduling of preventive and reactive maintenance.



There are numerous Investors that specialise in solar farms and dependant on location and solar irradiance and Grid connection costs , Energy Gain will determine which Investor will be approached to achieve the best results for you in terms of price per acre and price per Mega Watt installed.


We require Heads of Terms to be agreed and signed, which allows Energy Gain to do all due diligence work on your land to access whether there is potential for a Mega Watt Solar array to be installed. Once this is confirmed we can agree an Option agreement confirming amount per acre and an amount per Mega Watt installed which is paid after commissioning.