Intelligent Wireless Energy
Monitoring and Control

OWL – Putting You In Control Of Your Energy Consumption.

OWL Smart Electricity Monitors use the OWL Intuition web dashboard to display energy consumption data on any web-enabled device.

“Monitoring that helps you identify when you use most energy, and why”

• OWL allows you to monitor electricity usage in your home, even when you are not in your home.

• OWL shows live readings to 12-second intervals, and a historical account of your usage, also telling you when you’ve improved your usage habits.

• OWL’s user configurable tariff settings allow the unit to calculate what you’ve spent over the course of a day, week and month.

This type of information can be really valuable in helping you to identify when you’ve been using the most energy and why, so helping you take steps to reduce consumption.

Smart Electricity Monitors

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The dashboard shows a range of data over different time periods and this data can also be viewed on a versatile graph to home in on particular events and see exactly what is happening in the house across the day.  For those who wish to delve deeper the data can be exported via a CSV file for further analysis.  Of course you can view your dashboard on your smartphone as well if you want to, by downloading our special app.

OWL is available for monitoring traditional grid supplied electricity and solar PV generated electricity. For Solar PV you can also monitor FIT payments.