Commercial Solar

Solar PV Installation

Solar PV Installation

Energy Gain has many years experience in the solar pv installation and the maintenance of solar PV units. Our teams are carefully selected professionals ranging from project managers, installers and electricians, all of which have now fitted hundreds of solar panels to both domestic and commercial premises throughout the UK. Installations can usually be complete in just 5 days.

Below is a step-by-step guide of how our installations tend to operate.

Step 1 – Roof Access

We will arrange for a local approved scaffolding supplier or specialist rope access labour to come to your property.

Step 2 – Roof Anchor Installation

Roof anchors are stainless steel hooks that form the base for mounting the solar panels to your roof. These are securely fixed to your roof rafters

Step 3 – Mounting Frame Installation

This is an important stage in the process as these will be positioned square, straight and parallel to the roof, ensuring the finished look of the installation is neat and visually appealing.

Step 4 Solar Panel Installation

When installing the panels, our team is conscious of making sure that the panels look their best not only from the roof, but also from the floor

Step 5 – Solar Panel Wiring

Next the solar panels are wired to one-another, ensuring cables run along the mounting frames to make sure they are kept well off the roof’s surface and away from falling water.

The wiring is then routed through your property to the inverter, to produce the electricity to power your building. Everything is then connected to a fuse box and meter, which sits next to your existing consumer unit.

Step 6 – System Commissioned

Finally, your dedicated project manager will instruct the team to activate and test the system. Readings will be taken and sent to head office to ensure it is performing to the usual high standards. Once this is confirmed, and you are happy with the installation, our team signs the job off, and sends off an application on your behalf for the MCS certificate.

“We’ve fitted hundreds of panels to commercial properties across the UK.”

Quality And Testing

In 2010 Energy Gain you UK developed a state-of-the-art Solar Test and Research Facility (The EG STAR), where we monitor, test and report on our solar photovoltaic systems. Our focus is on understanding system performance and reliability in order to offer the market actual data rather than rely on simulated software programs. This means that we can provide our customers with the very best advice and products, backed up by extensive test data.

Once you have installed an Energy Gain UK solar PV system we will provide you with the ability to monitor the electricity production remotely either online or via an application.