solar panels illustrating solar PV for the commercial and public sectors

Why Choose Solar PV

REDUCED Energy Costs
and a New Income Stream

Generate free electricity and reduce your energy bills

Combat rising energy costs

Secure a tax-free, index linked revenue stream, guaranteed by the government for the next 20 years.

Earn an additional income stream by exporting your unused electricity to the national grid

Reduce your CO2 emissions

Get ahead of the 2019 zero carbon building requirements

Add Value To Your Property

Deliver onsite renewable generation targets

25% of your energy cost goes towards environmental taxes and low carbon incentives – now you can benefit from these

Receive up to 10% return on your investment

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“Stop Your Energy Bills Going Through The Roof ”

Energy Prices Have Increased By Up To 32% Over The Past 5 Years

According to a recent Ofgem electricity and gas market report, energy prices have

increased by as much as 32% over the past 5 years and this is predicted to continue.

Solar PV panels can help significantly reduce the amount of ‘grid energy’ required by your premises, safeguarding you against future price increases.

A solar photovoltaic installation can reduce your annual electricity bill by as much as 80%.


Business that are medium-sized users of energy currently face energy (gas and electricity) costs that are on average between 15 and 21% higher as a result of climate change policies. By 2020 the impact is estimated to be between 23 and 26%.


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Source Department of Energy & Climate Change

How Much Could I Earn?

Generate A Guaranteed Index-linked Income For The Next 20 Years When You Install Energy Gain UK’s Solar PV Panels


Get Paid For Every Unit Of Electricity You Generate Whether You Use It Or Not.

In 2010 the UK government introduced the Feed-in Tariff scheme (FIT) which means you receive a payment from your electricity supplier for every unit of electricity you generate from your solar panels whether you use it or not.

The scheme is guaranteed for 20 years, and ensures that payments will rise in line with inflation, as well as being totally tax-free.

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System SizeArea Units of Electricity Produced (kWh)ROI (£)Carbon KgApprox. installation time
30 kWp45-55 m² 25,500-28,50090,000-115,00013,000-15,5004-5 days
50 kWp80-100 m²42,500-47,500170,000-205,00022,000-26,0005-6 days
100 kWp160-180 m²85,000-95,000350,000-400,00045,000-51,00010-12 days
250 kWp400-420 m² 212,500-238.000800,000-1,000,000115,000-130,00020 days

Earn Extra For Electricity You Don’t Use

The Export Tariff provides you with an additional payment from your electricity provider for any additional units of electricity generated and not used within your business. As most solar PV installations produce additional unused energy this generates a good additional source of income for businesses using solar PV technology.

Why You Should ACT NOW

Since the introduction of the feed-in tariff the government payment per unit has been decreasing. It is predicted that this will continue to drop in the future. However, if you act now you could lock-into the current tariff rate for the next 20 years, protecting yourself from future income decreases.