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Why Choose LED Lighting?

Lighting accounts for between 20% and 40% per cent of a typical business’s electricity bill, so cutting your lighting bill is one of the easiest ways to save energy and money.


Getting lighting right has the added benefit of providing the right level and quality of light to improve the alertness and accuracy of those working in it.

Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) can provide substantial energy savings. LED lights typically have a long lifetime and will need less frequent replacement than many other lighting types.

“A fraction of the emissions of fossil fuels”

Lighting in a typical office costs about £3/m2 annually, but in the most efficient offices cost about £1/m2. Energy Gain UK can help you achieve these kind of savings.*

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LED lighting contain no hazardous materials
(fluorescent bulbs contain mercury) and produce little heat.

An LED light bulb is around 10 times more efficient than an incandescent bulb. A 60W incandescent bulb consumes around 525 kWh of electricity per year, an equivalent LED used similarly will consume around 65kWh. LED bulbs also last for thousands of hours.

Energy Gain UK can help you to plan your lighting requirements and our highly experienced and accredited electricians can install them for you.

All of our LED lighting systems are:

  • High specification
  • Stylish design and robust housing
  • Easy to retrofit into most standard light fittings
  • Operate at much cooler temperatures
  • Low maintenance costs

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how led works

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How LEDs Work

An LED is ‘solid state lighting’ or SSL. Instead of emitting light in a vacuum or a gas, an SSL emits light from a semiconductor that is stimulated by electricity.

“LEDs are very energy efficient, and use no hazardous materials”

When electricity hits the semiconductor, it activates a flow of electrons from a negative to a positive layer. These emit light as they flow.

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diagram showing how LEDs used in lighting work. Energy Gain UK

how led works

led installation

LED Installation At Work

We try and service installations with no disruption

Energy Gain’s specialised LED technicians are experienced in delivering LED services to commercial (and domestic) environments.

They will carry out a site survey, looking at the activities in your workplace to determine the correct level of lighting for each work ‘zone’. It is common to find all areas of the workplace are lit uniformly, when in fact different activities can benefit from different levels of optimum lighting.

“We can carry out LED lighting installations in just about any working environment”

Detailed work demands more light, while softer light can help those who work at computer monitors for substantial periods. Lighting can have a real impact on productivity, and our experts can help design the optimal lighting for your office, warehouse, retail or manufacturing facility.

We will also assess the power consumed by your existing lighting system, and calculate the savings that will be made from installing LED lighting.

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A major concern of some businesses is that all light fittings may need replacing. This is not always the case. There are several types of LED lighting products, including retro-compatible lamps, which directly replace similarly styled existing units, such as incandescent bulbs with bayonet or edison screw connectors, halogen spotlight bulbs, even some types of tube-type bulbs.

We can carry out LED lighting installation in just about any working environment. We try and service installations with no disruption, and where it’s necessary, we go to great lengths to keep it down to the absolute minimum.

how led works

led installation

LED Frequently Asked Questions

Do LED’s Take A Long Time To Light Up?

Unlike many energy saving light bulbs LED’s reach full brightness instantly.

Do LED’s Produce Low Quality, Harsh Light?

The light quality of LED’s does vary, however at Energy Gain UK we use only the highest quality LED’s that give a high quality light, as good as a traditional light bulb. If you require an LED that produces a similar light to a traditional light bulb then you need to request a “soft white” bulb.

“Are LEDs bright enough to light a warehouse?”

“LEDs are very energy efficient, and use no hazardous materials”

Do LED’s Flicker

No and they turn on about 1000 times faster than we can see.

Do LED Products Have A Longer Life?

Yes, provided they are good quality ones. Our LED products have a typical lifespan of 50,000 hours, so this works out at around 20 years of use within an environment where standard working hours are the norm.

Why Are LED Lights Said To Be Safer?

LEDs run at lower temperatures than many other light sources and are robust against potential damage. Energy Gain UK products are designed and manufactured in accordance with EN60598 and electrical safety directives.

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Can LED Products Be Fitted Into Existing Light Fixtures?

Yes, certain LED lamps can be fitted into existing light fixture.

Are LEDs Bright Enough To Light Up A Warehouse?

Yes, using the correct wattage.

Can LED Lights Be Used In Hazardous Areas?

Yes, we have LED Lights suitable for Zone 1, Zone 2, Zone 21 and Zone 22 use.