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Is a BioMass Boiler Suitable For You?

Do You Have Space For A Biomass Boiler and Fuel Store?

A biomass boiler is physically much larger than an equivalent fossil fuel boiler. A secondary boiler may also need accommodating to provide backup and additional capacity at peak times. You will also require space to construct a fuel store next to the boiler house, which is accessible by a delivery vehicle to get within 20m of the fuel store.

“You could see valuable benefits from installing a biomass boiler”

Can You Access Suitable Fuel?

It is important to check you can find a supplier who can provide the correct standard of fuel to ensure efficient and reliable operation of your boiler. You also need to consider how the fuel will be delivered. If it is to be tipped onto the floor of the store is there sufficient room for the vehicle to tip the fuel and the floor strong enough to support the vehicle and load.

There are alternative options such as tipping into a silo below ground or build a ramp so fuel can be tipped from above. These are all options we would discuss as part of the assessment and design process.


Is Your Building Suitable For Conversion To Biomass?

If your building has any of the following criteria you could see valuable benefits in installing a Biomass Boiler:

Your existing low temperature hot water system needs replacing and is of the single pass or atmospheric gas type. Your building is not on mains gas.

You need to make large carbon savings to meet targets

Your building is old and of heavyweight construction which is difficult to insulate.

You are building new premises and there is an opportunity to integrate Biomass into the building.

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However, if your building does not have an existing wet heating system or air-heating system based on air handling units with hot water feeding the heating coils it may not be suitable.

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