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Biomass Information – Your Questions Answered

If you’re looking for biomass information, you’ll find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions here. If you need more answers, contact Energy Gain UK.

What is Biomass?

Biomass is biological material derived from living, or recently living organisms. In the context of biomass for energy this is often used to mean plant based material.

What Are The System Costs?

Total system costs vary considerably from installation to installation. Typically the cost of the boiler will be a relatively small proportion of the total cost, perhaps one third for a log boiler installation. A boiler house, fuel store, accumulator tank, fuel feed system, and flue will all add to the cost, as will design, project management and commissioning.

“Do biomass boilers require much maintenance?”

Can Biomass Boilers Be Used With Radiators Or Underfloor Heating?

Yes. Most biomass boilers and stoves are capable of heating your whole building and hot water and work extremely well with radiators and underfloor heating.

Can Biomass Be Used For All Of My Heating And Hot Water Needs?

If sized correctly, a biomass boiler should take the place of a traditional boiler and is far greener and efficient.

Do Biomass Boilers Smell?

Not at all – biomass fuel is burned within a closed, well designed flued system, so should be no smellier or smokier than a standard gas boiler.

Is Biomass Fuel Expensive?

If you have access to free logs, then it won’t cost you a penny to produce hot water or heat your property. If using Pellets it’s significantly cheaper than using oil, LPG or electricity. Fuel prices are always rising, so expect the savings between biomass and fossil fuels to continue to rise.

Can A Biomass Boiler Be Connected To My Existing Heating System?

A Biomass boiler can be seamlessly integrated into your existing heating system. It is no different than replacing your existing Gas or Oil boiler.

Are There Any Grants For Biomass Boilers?

Yes, at present for commercial installations, you can receive the renewable heat incentive which is a quarterly payment depending on the amount of heat used (8.6p per kWh for 20 years).

Do Biomass Boilers Require Much Maintenance?

Biomass boilers need to be kept clean. You need to make sure you have sufficient fuel in the hopper, check the flue occasionally and empty the ash bin every couple of weeks. But we would recommend an annual maintenance contract.


Can I Use A Biomass Boiler With A Solar Thermal System?

There are no two technologies that work better together than these two. Solar thermal panels are the most efficient way to generate hot water during the summer months, and in the winter your biomass boiler will take over if your solar thermal panels aren’t generating sufficient heat or hot water.

Do Your Biomass Systems Come With A Warranty?

All our Biomass boilers come with the manufacturer’s warranty and when we install an installation warranty also.

What Is The Payback Period?

On average it is around 6-7 years.

What Financial Support Is Available?

Currently, funding is available from the Energy Entrepreneurs Fund Scheme, Enhanced Capital Allowance, Feed-in-Tariffs, Rural development Programme, Renewable Heat Incentive, Renewable Heat Premium Payments.

We can work with you to help you access the appropriate funding for your needs.