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Energy Gain UK’s expert air conditioning installation teams are trained to install your air conditioning system with the minimum amount of disruption. However equipment installation is part of a much bigger process that happens behind the scenes.

“We always operate in a
considerate and efficient way”

We start by carrying out a full  assessment of your needs, taking into account your overall energy use, facilities use, environmental requirements, heating and ventilating.  We then design your system and plan your air conditioning installation. We start work on site only when we’re happy that we’ll be carrying out every operation in the most efficient way possible, ensuring the minimum disruption to your business.

A big part of how we manage your project involves surveying how your facility is used. If there are times of day or week when certain areas are used less than others, we’ll plan around this. We find the main worries our customers express are about potential dust and noise – the latter being particularly important in areas where there’s lost of phone use such as sales or support offices. We offer reassurance that, while some noise and some disruption is inevitable, we always operate in a considerate and efficient way, compromising wherever we can to meet the daily demands of your workplace.

For more information about air conditioning, ventilating, and installation, call Energy Gain UK on: 0845 609 9323, or email