Air Conditioning – Your Questions Answered

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Is It Safe?

It is safe, because it is a completely sealed system that doesn’t use any water, so there’s no risk of legionella

What Are The Benefits Of Air Conditioning?

It gives a comfortable working environment, with control over temperature in all seasons.

Is Air Conditioning Just Used For Cooling?

No, systems can have automatic changeover switches to cool or heat as required.

What About Air Purification?

Yes, this can be achieved using special filters, such as anti-fungus filters, or filters for smoke particles, odours and mites.

Is Air Conditioning Expensive To Run?

There is obviously cost associated with air conditioner use, but that depends largely on how the system is set up and how it’s used. At Energy Gain Uk we ensure  the system is optimised against your other building utilities, such as heating, ventilating, equipment, etc., the efficiency of air conditioning can be dramatically improved, and running costs kept to a minimum.

How Do I Make Sure My System’s Running Efficiently?

Regular servicing and maintenance is the key. As part of this programme, Energy Gain UK reviews how your facilities are use, to see if any adjustments need to be made, making sure your energy use is always optimised.

Isn’t Installation Disruptive, With Lots Of Noise And Dust?

Every installation is different, but whether it’s a small office or a large facility, we always try to keep noise and mess down to a minimum by employing efficient working practices. We’ll work with you to assess when and where is the best place to work, and will compromise wherever we can. The last thing we want to do is to disrupt your daily business.

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