Energy Management System (EnMS)

A 20% cut in energy costs can represent the same bottom line benefit as a 5% increase in sales
Management of energy is often neglected, even though there is considerable potential to save energy and reduce costs. Rising energy prices, climate change legislation and the need to be environmentally responsible all require effective energy management.
Reduce energy consumption
Reduce energy costs
Protect against future price increases
Ensure security of supply
Lower your carbon footprint
For many businesses a 20% cut in energy costs represents the same bottom line benefit as a 5% increase in sales. Furthermore, 25% of energy consumption can be saved with relatively little or no cost and no significant changes in practice.
Energy management is the use of technology to improve the energy performance of an organisation. To be fully effective it needs to be an integral part of an organisation’s wider management processes – and any corporate social responsibility (CSR) policy.
FREE Energy Gain Energy Management Audit
Energy audits have proven to be effective tools in helping managers understand and take control of the way their commercial facilities use energy. They are also valuable in determining the steps to make that use more efficient.
An Energy Gain Energy Management audit is the starting point in reducing your energy costs and improving energy efficiency. The audit is carried out by one of our qualified energy consultants who will:
Analyse your energy spend
Analyse your power usage trends
Provide a supplier analysis
Provide a lighting analysis
Provide a heating and cooling analysis
Provide an employee comfort level analysis
On completion of the audit you will be provided with a report that will provide a detailed analysis of spend and consumption and make recommendations as to how you can make immediate savings and implement energy reduction measures. You will be able to make these yourself; they will not be dependent on any of the services offered by Energy Gain Uk.
If on completion of your free energy audit you decide to progress to a full Energy Management System we can transform the way you manage your energy, reducing your consumption and costs with our 4 step process

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Energy Analysis & Recommendations
We start the process with an analysis and bench marking of your current energy situation:

On completion of our analysis we will provide a detailed Energy Management Report and EPC with Recommendations, giving clear and simple advice.
Energy Action Plan & Strategy
Following on from our energy analysis and recommendations an energy efficiency program will be developed with clear roles and responsibilities so that its aims can be attained and verified. We can provide a complete energy strategy and plan covering everything from procurement to compliance and accreditation.
Control Consumption
Reduce Energy Costs
Lower Co2 Omissions
Secure your energy supply
Energy reduction opportunities will be identified throughout the organisation and a clear action plan will be developed to outline how and when these will be implemented, along with a ROI schedule.
Energy conservation opportunities will be implemented that provide for a viable economic return on investment without impact on product or personnel safety or plant reliability.
As part of our strategy planning we will undertake feasibility studies on the latest energy reduction technologies, identify those that will provide the best ROI, install the technologies and where required provide finance.
Suitable training modules for all personnel will be developed to ensure that the wider energy impact of all individuals is assessed and understood by all employees and ensure they understand how they can play a role in implementing the strategy.
Employees will be encouraged to adopt a wider social conscience to ensure that the total carbon footprint is minimized.

Energy Implementation and Procurement
Having developed a strategy and action plan we can then help you to effectively and efficiently implement this plan.
Energy will be procured in environmentally friendly forms where it can be financially justified and a tendering process will be implemented to ensure energy procurement costs are driven down.
We offer innovative purchasing solutions, managing both fixed and flexible electricity and gas contract negotiations. Our team can manage supplier relationships, including analyzing consumption data and querying suppliers where necessary.
All new installations and structures will be adequately challenged from an energy efficiency perspective to ensure that life-cycle cost is considered during the design phase. We use our extensive engineering experience to source and install the best energy reduction technologies, including Biomass, Solar Thermal, Thermodynamics and Voltage Optimization.
Many UK businesses could save on average 10% of their energy expenditure through some very simple no cost strategies, but these will require on-going behavior changes to be made by staff. We can help you educate and motivate your staff to implement these changes.
Energy Reporting, Optimizing, Reviewing
Once we have developed your energy management policy, strategy and action plan and implemented it, we still don’t stop.
We have the tools and expertise to monitor and report on the effectiveness of the measures that we have implemented and can really help you understand what influences your consumption and optimize your energy reduction and cost savings.
Our reporting tools enable us to measure and verify savings made from new energy reduction initiatives and identify where future savings can be made. We can ensure that energy and carbon reduction is an ongoing process, helping to prevent costs from creeping back up.
Bill Validation
Our reporting and monitoring software enables you to validate every element of your energy bills, ensuring you are not over paying.
Budget Forecasting
We can help you improve the accuracy of your budget forecasting by providing you with accurate consumption data and more efficient energy procurement rates.
These simple measures can help you reduce your energy consumption by around 25% with relatively little or no cost.
You may find that when dealing with certain clients or within certain industries that you are required to illustrate your sustainability credentials. We can help ensure that you are compliant with the following:
ISO 50001
Our Energy Management System is designed around the principles of ISO 50001 and we can provide the knowledge and support required to achieve accreditation.
Air Conditioning Inspections
These are a legal requirement under the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive. As part of this inspection we can not only ensure you attain the necessary accreditation, we can also help you to make system improvements at minimal costs.
EPC – Energy Performance Certificates
Our energy audit starts with a full EPC, providing all the necessary recommendations on how to improve your energy efficiency.
DEC – Display Energy Certificates
If you have a public building with a floor area exceeding 250 M2 you are required to have a valid DEC. We can manage this for you and support you to achieve year on year improvements.
CCA – Climate Change Agreements
Compliance with CCA enables you to receive a CCL discount on your electricity and gas bill.
CRC – Carbon Reduction Commitment
We can provide the guidance to help you avoid carbon reduction penalties.
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