Maximise Your Energy Savings – Choose Commercial Solar Panels


Commercial Solar Panels can enable you to:

Generate your own electricity for your business

Receive a tax free payment for every unit of electricity you generate

Earn extra for any electricity you don’t use.

Reduce your reliance on mains electricity

100% Government backed – payments guaranteed for 20 years

Commercial solar panels can help significantly reduce the amount of ‘grid energy’ required by your business, safeguarding you against future price increases.

Commercial solar panels


Installing Commercial Solar Panels Is As Easy As 1,2,3


1.Register using the proposal form

2. Receive your solar potential report

3. Install and enjoy at least 50% off your electricity bills and regular FIT payments from the government.


Energy Gain Uk are a trusted commercial solar panel installer based in Ashton-Under-Lyne. We have carried out over 500 solar panel installations including many commercial solar panel installations in the last 5 years alone.

We are accredited by:


We are trusted suppliers to:

Fully Insured

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We also ensure all products selected come with warranties and offer our own workmanship guarantees.

Energy Gain UK are commercial solar panel installers who have been installing a range of renewable energy systems including solar panels into homes and workplaces for over 9 years. Over this time we have built up an impressive client list and achieved numerous accreditations.

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Energy Gain has many years experience in the installation and maintenance of commercial solar panels. Our teams are carefully selected professionals ranging from project managers, installers and electricians, all of which have now fitted hundreds of solar panels to both domestic and commercial premises throughout the UK.

“Our team has fitted hundreds of solar panels to domestic and commercial premises across the UK”

We are commercial solar panel installers in Warrington, commercial solar panels installers in Crewe, commercial solar panel installers in Southport, commercial solar panel installers in Manchester and Greater Manchester

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