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Commercial Solar panels

Does your business own it's own building?

A solar PV system will reduce or even eliminate your commercial property’s electric bill. For big and small businesses, this money saving can have a tremendous impact.

Energy Reduction At Dovehaven Care Homes

Dovehaven Care Homes appointed Energy Gain UK to implement a programme of energy reduction for them in the autumn of 2015, the programme has been so successful it has been rolled out over 16 sites.
Solar Panels for Housing Association

Is A Solar Panels Investment Worth It?

Given the recent cuts by the government to the Feed-in Tariff there appears to be a lot of confusion as to whether solar panels are still a good investment.
Solar Photovoltaic System

Illingworth Ingham (M/cr) Limited

Trafford Park based Illingworth Ingham (M/cr) Ltd completed a major investment project aimed at significantly reducing their energy consumption, energy costs and reducing their carbon footprint.

UK solar PV market ahead in Europe

Back in 2009 the UK had only installed 0.3% of that installed in Germany. Within just 4 years the UK is now set to overtake our European neighbours.