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Why the energy price cap could cost you money

Last year, we overspent on our energy bills by a staggering £1.4bn because 70% of users are on more expensive Standard Variable Tariffs (SVTs). This has prompted the introduction of the energy price cap.

Solar powered homes mandatory

It’s official: any new homes built in California after 2020 will have to be at least partially solar powered to offset their electricity needs


GE Robinson has worked with Energy Gain UK Ltd to install a 200 KWp Solar system which will produce approx. 170,000 units of electricity per annum and 3,335,400 units of electricity over the next 20 years.
Renewable Power

The Business Benefits of Using Renewable Power

A business can now be an energy generator as well as a consumer. Self-generation of renewable power to cover a firm’s own needs and selling the surplus to the grid in effect makes energy a profit centre rather than a cost.