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MARTON MILLS – Reduces Energy Costs and Carbon Emissions

MARTON MILLS – Reduces Energy Costs and Carbon Emissions

Energy Gain UK have recently completed a solar panel installation for Marton Mills Co Ltd that will enable them to significantly reduce their running costs and their carbon footprint.

Marton Mills Co Ltd is a traditional family owned weaving mill in the heart of West Yorkshire.  They are the largest supplier of school wear and kilt fabrics in the UK. Their fabric is used in a wide range of applications throughout the clothing and furnishing industries.

Marton Mills were keen to reduce their energy costs and their carbon emissions. Energy Gain UK specified a 70.20 KWp  solar photovoltaic system which will have an estimated annual generation of 56,000 KWh.

In monetary terms Marton Mills will have reduced their average electricity unit cost down to 4.83 pence per unita saving of around 60% on their current energy rate. The installation will of course also give them significant protection from future energy price increases

System Details

System Size: 70.20 KWp

Estimated Generation: 56,000 KWh p/annum

20 Year Generation: 1,098,720 KWh

20 Year Carbon Savings: 543,053 Kg Co2

Other Benefits

  • Reduce the carbon footprint of producing their fabrics
  • Improve energy efficiency
  • Reduce electrical costs
  • Reduce CO2 emissions

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