Solar Panels For Business

Understand why so many businesses are installing solar panels.

Green Energy For Your Business

Energy Gain UK install the most technologically advanced renewable energy systems on the

With over 12 years’ experience we are an award-winning business that leads the field in sustainable development and carbon reduction. We use our extensive knowledge of the most technologically advanced renewable solutions to: increase profit, reduce carbon footprints and minimise energy costs.  Our turnkey solution includes: consultancy, design, funding, installation and life time maintenance. 

Powering Your Business

Use the sunlight to power your busines

Generate Electrcity

You do not need a bright clear sky to generate a large amount of electrcity

Power Your Systems

During sunlight hours the system can power all of your electrical devices..


Per Year


Per Month

Average Savings on a 100kW System

These figures are based on completed installations we have done. These actual returns can be higher or lower depending on a number of factors.

Ready to Save an Extra 40% on Your Energy Bill?

There are countless misconceptions when it comes to solar energy, but the most widespread is that solar panels need sunlight to generate power. This simply is not true! Modern solar panels are perfectly capable of generating power even in cloudy conditions in the cloudiest cities.

Solar panels for your business will allow you to save thousands of Kg of Co2 and advertise low carbon products. You can power the forthcoming electric cars using the sun and solar panels on your roof. There are so many additional benefits alongside the fantastic financial returns that can add value to any business in any sector.  We know this because we have already installed a system within your sector.

How It Works

As long as you own your building or have a long-term lease, there should be a renewable solution for you.

Desktop Survey

One of our qualified consultants will give you a short call to discuss how your business operation currently uses energy and discuss potential energy efficiency measures.


The consultant will book a telephone appointment to talk you through the survey and answer any questions.

Site Survey

If there is an appetite to progress the project an engineer will visit site to complete a full survey.  A financial and technical analysis will then be completed,

Are There Options?

We offer a range of funding opportunities to meet your requirements. This includes: purchasing the system, financing over 7 years, or paying zero up-front costs via a power purchase agreement (PPA).  Your business will spend the same amount of money on the energy a solar system could generate over approx. 5 years, with no returns and no asset on the balance sheet. To find our more get in touch and one of trained consultants will be happy to explain all of the ownership opportunities

MARTON MILLS – Reduces Energy Costs and Carbon Emissions

MARTON MILLS – Reduces Energy Costs and Carbon Emissions

Energy Gain UK have recently completed a solar panel installation for Marton Mills Co Ltd that will enable them to significantly reduce their running costs and their carbon footprint. Marton Mills Co Ltd is a traditional family owned weaving mill in the heart of West...

Clean. Renewable. Efficient.

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